Photo Crystal : Special & Unique Gift for Your Love Ones

Photo Crystal are the result of infusing a colored or black & white photo onto a clear crystal. it is amazingly unique and will make an excellent personalised gift.


Photo Crystals are perfect for any occasion… a birthday gift, wedding anniversary, personalised gift for friends or family, gift for Mom on Mother’s Day, death of a loved one or pet, Father’s day gift, unique sporting trophy or sales award, sweet Valentine’s Day gift and more…

Why purchase a generic gift when you can offer so much more to the person that you care about?

So, Don’t Wait, Order Your Photo Crystal Now!

How to Start a Business in Photo Crystal Printing


Small Home businesses are a great way to deal with the layoffs in the job market. One business that you might be interested in is the printing of chroma-crystal or photo crystal items. Printing images on crystal is a great way to produce gift and business promotion items in your home.

Step 1
Like any good business, do research into the photo crystal printing business to see if it is something you will enjoy and will fit into your lifestyle. Set up a separate bank account, company name, list of clients, draw up a simple business plan, and get your business organized.

Step 2
Decide what items you want to produce. You can create imprinted glass awards, display photos on glass crystal, gifts, souvenirs and more. All you need is a digital camera for taking photos (or another source for photos), your own ink jet printer, and special paper, glue and crystal forms.

Step 3
The process only takes about 5 minutes once you have your photo downloaded and printed on the special paper. You will glue it, use a special unit to apply the image to the crystal form you choose, trim and clean it. And your product is finished and ready to send to the customer.

Step 4
Family photos, pets, special memories or festival and award crystals are just some possible applications for your customers.

Step 5
Your biggest investment will be the crystal printing machine. Add assorted pieces of crystal, ornaments, crystal glue, and film and your business will be ready to go. With special software you can even have a whole selection of design templates. No special skills are necessary, nor do you need a large operating space. This can be your own specialized printing business. If you can print it, it can be put on crystal.

Step 6
Keep in mind that crystal products can be marked up from 300- 400%. You don’t need to carry a lot of inventory, either, so you can pretty much get paid as you go.

Generate Higher Income with Gift Printing Business 

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Step by Step To Process Photo Crystal

Previously we already share tutorial on how to make Photo Crystal.  In this post, we want to show another technique to process Photo Crystal. Enjoy the show~


Company Name : DIY Printing Supply Sdn. Bhd.(983005-H)
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~ Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority ~